This Task takes images and uploads them to the popular image hosting service Imgur .

Web.ImgurUpload uses Imgur’s API via the requests package.

Note: Your uploads are anonymous, they won’t shown on your profile/gallery. Instead this Task saves the resulting URL to a XML-style webloc file in its output directory.


  • client_id (required) is a string that contains your Imgur Client ID.
client_id = 'e613d05c6b46081'  # this id is not live btw


Python (Non-Standard-Library Packages)

  • requests
    • Run the following command in your Terminal: sudo pip install requests.
    • If this worked you’re already done. If you get an error install pip first.

External Executables


API Credentials

You need to get credentials for Imgur’s API:

  1. Create an account on imgur.com if you don’t already have one

  2. Create a Client ID and a Client secret

    • Login to your account
    • Go to api.imgur.com/oauth2/addclient
    • Enter any name as Application name, for example DropPy Upload
    • Select OAuth 2 authorizatio without a callback URL as authorization type
    • Application website can be left blank
    • Enter your email in the email field (required)
    • Description can be left blank
    • Click submit
    • The following page contains your Client ID and your Client secret
      • Save this info somewhere!
      • The Client ID is later also available at imgur.com/account/settings/apps but the Client secret is only shown once
      • The Client secret is not needed for this Task, hold on to it anyways so you don’t have to reset your token once you need it
  3. Edit the Workflows that calls this Task to pass your client_id as an argument.