This Task takes files and folders and copies them to the directory where dragged files originate.

FileSystem.CopyToSourceDirectory also passes its input to its output directory as it is, so you can put another Task behind it.

Note: If you drag & dropped files from Finder that are located in different folders, say ~/Downloads/some-song.mp3 and ~/Documents/notes.txt there is no common source directory there the output could be copied to. If you also didn’t specify a fallback_path the Task will throw an error and fail in these cases.


  • overwrite_existing (optional) is a boolean that determines what should happen if a file or folder of the same name already exists at the target location: If set to False the Task throws an error and exits. If set to True it overwrites the file/folder and continues.
# overwrite_existing = False  # default
overwrite_existing = True
  • fallback_path is a string of the full path that should be used if the files have no common parent folder.
# fallback_path = ''  # default
fallback_path = '/my/target/directory'


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