This Task converts audio files from the lossless flac format into the lossy mp3 format.

Audio.FlacToMp3 works with the open-source programs flac and lame executables under the hood.


  • flac_executable (optional) is a string of the full path to your flac binary.
# flac_executable = '/usr/local/bin/flac'  # default
flac_executable = '/my/non-default/flac'
  • lame_executable (optional) is a string of the full path to your lame binary.
# lame_executable = '/usr/local/bin/lame'  # default
lame_executable = '/my/non-default/lame'
  • metaflac_executable (optional) is a string of the full path to your metaflac binary.
# metaflac_executable = '/usr/local/bin/metaflac'  # default
metaflac_executable = '/my/non-default/metaflac'
  • copy_tags (optional) is a boolean that specifies if metadata should be preserved. Passing True makes efforts to copy the popular tags over. If yoiu pass False your mp3 file will have no tags.
# copy_tags = False  # default
copy_tags = True
  • quality (optional) is a string that specifies the quality setting to use for encoding the files in mp3.
# quality = 'V0'  # default
quality = 'V2'


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