• Release date: 2017-01-09
  • Bundled droppy-workspace : v2.1 (832bf42) (2018-01-09)
  • Bundled droppy-run: v2.0 (c5c07dc) (2017-12-21)


  • Changes in droppy-workspace

    • New Task FileSystem.ExitOnNoInput
      • Added to all Workflows, after all the Filter. Tasks
    • Tests run again
  • First Run Assistant improved:

    • First page: Different main image, blurred like website
    • Third page: Adjusted signature of example Task (input_dir instead of input_paths)
  • Slightly larger icon for the dmg when mounted

  • Switched order of buttons “Open log file” and “Open temp dir” on the Task error dialog

  • Bugfix: Correctly showing the registration window for non-registrated users on drop

  • Bugfix: Trying to drop something while a Workflow was running did not revert to showing the spinner and the solid line after showing the red error images

  • Bugfix: Canceling a long running Workflow did not allow for running another Workflow right away, app was hanging after “creating files” step

  • Please tell me what you think: