Workspace screenshot

Workspace directory

Here you can change the directory that contains your Images, Tasks and Workflows.

The default is /Users/YourUserName/DropPy, but it can be placed anywhere.

The required sub-directories will be created automatically.

Default Workspace content

This button allows to restore the bundled Images, Tasks and Workflows into your DropPy Workspace directory.

Images, Tasks and Workflows that you added yourself will not be overwritten.

If you changed a bundled file however, it will be overwritten!

Bundled version

The release number of the bundled default Workspace content.

At any point in time GitHub repository might contain slightly later files. If there is a new release of the Workspace a new release of DropPy is pushed as well so you’ll get notified through the automatical update check.

Open source

DropPy’s default Workspace content is open source. This button opens the GitHub repository in your browser.