General screenshot

Development mode

Enabling development mode has the following effects:

  • All intermediary files in DropPy’s temp directory will be deleted when exiting the application, not right away.

  • A small tmp button appears in the bottom right of the main window. Clicking it opens DropPy’s temp directory.

  • After running a Workflow two more buttons will show up in the main window to help with debugging:

    • re-drop runs the Workflow on the elements you just dropped again.
    • log opens the droppy.log file in the macOS Console application.

In contrast disabling development mode has these effects:

  • All intermediary files in DropPy’s temp directory are deleted automatically after successful execution of the Workflow. If an error occurs during execution they are left untouched for now and deleted when exiting the application.

  • You will not be shown the debugging buttons after running a Workflow.

The default setting is disabled.

Development mode can also be toggled quickly through the Workflow menu and the keyboard shortcut + d.

Update check

Choose how often DropPy should automatically check for updates:

  • Never
  • Every day
  • Every week (default)
  • Every month

The check is performed when starting the application.

Regardless of the setting here it’s always possible to check for updates from the menu.