Editor screenshot

External text editor

DropPy allows you to use your favorite text editor when working on Workflows. Just drag & drop the *.app from Finder into the gray box.

Verified working:


  • TextEdit (comes with macOS) v1.12: Messes up the double-quotes in *.json files

Editor for Workflows

Here you can select how you want to edit the *.json files that describe what the Workflow does.

The editor set here is opened when clicking the “Edit Workflow” button on the main window.

Your options are:

  • Use the Internal text editor (default)
    • A very basic text editor will open in a new window.
    • This is mostly provided as a fallback.
  • Use an External text editor
    • This will open the *.json file in the external application you selected above.
    • This is the recommended option.